How you can do cancellation of your order before Shipment?

After, your order confirmation and payment completion you got an order confirmation call from our side for ready to ship your order, if you cancel the order as the same time before the completing order confirmation on call then we can cancel it at the same time and refund your amount as according to the process of refund payment.

But, once you confirmed the shipment of you order on call we will not allow for Cancellation of Shipment for any reason and request to customers. Accordingly to confirm the purchase first, all terms and conditions, all rules and regulations of and then place your order with us.

While there is no option for a customer to cancel the order on their own once the payment is made, you can get in touch with Customer Care as soon as possible with your order number. As long as your order has not been processed, we can cancel it and refund your amount.

For any assistance: please call us on +91 7051113515

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